Our Project

SmarTerp pushes the frontier of simultaneous interpreting by effectively integrating machine assistance within the human interpreting workflow, as a LaaS (Language-as-a-Service) solution that offers AI-powered tools in a one-stop shop providing language technology for multilingual meetings, improving their quality by helping interpreters cope with the multitask activity of simultaneous interpretation and tailoring the service to the terminology needs of our customers, consolidating it into an easy-to-use service, evolving it and keeping it an open solution to integrate machine intelligence like Deep Learning.

SmarTerp explained

For the development of SmarTerp we count on our trusted technological providers:


Licode (Open Source WebRTC-based MCU) to complete the architecture of our RSI system with advanced functionalities and the integration of language technology into the system.


Multilingual knowledge-graph based Natural Language Processing architecture for the recognition of named entities, figures and relationships between terms from texts in different natural languages, to work in real-time conditions.


ASR of audio streams based on Open Source Kaldi’s code and an advanced end-to-end SLT approach.