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KUNVENO has devised a Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) system based on Open Source components and designed putting the interpreter needs at the centre of the development to ensure a good user experience for remote simultaneous interpreters, technically allowing the possibility of remote interpreting through a dedicated system that takes into account the needs and requirements of professional simultaneous interpreting.

The KUNVENO RSI solution has an interpreter interface that mimics the interpreter console or workstation containing controls for listening and speaking in the form of a soft-console which runs on any ordinary IT device and has onscreen controls. This soft-console can run on computers, tablets or smartphones, same as the interface used by the audience of a conference or meeting to listen to the interpreted speech.

Interpreter interface

Audience interface

In a near future, our RSI system is going to be extended into a service accessible for all users (including visually-impaired users and deaf users) and interpreters (including sign language interpreters and visually-impaired oral interpreters) and integrated into the new AI-powered solution SmarTerp.